Our Story

Our slogan: Transparent, trustworthy business with low cost and high impact on sales, dedicated to toys with an eye for history.

Already more than 20 years in the business and even longer dedicated to all kind of toys. We participated in live swap meets in several European countries. Part of the business went through existing internet platforms. We have built an excellent track record with a 100% reliability. No false or hidden information, but clear pictures from all sides with all necessary information.

At a certain point we encountered the drawbacks of those existing internet platforms, such as the weak position of sellers and the lack of possibilities to stand against false buyers. Nevertheless platforms have shown the way that it is an excellent means to sell and buy on a distance. Increasing fees (for sellers and/or buyers) also played a part to make a radical change. Therefore, we have founded our own KALLISTOYS auction platform with referential guides, such as a unique Digital Museum and other features.

Toys are not just created without meaning, they tell a story. That story is what KALLISTOYS also wants to retell. We bring this story to life by means of written, pictured and spoken information. Toys have always played a vital role in reminiscing memories. It is and will remain tangible whether you hold it in your hands or see it in front of you. Furthermore, toys remain a source elation in good and in bad times. We strongly believe that sharing with each other doubles the amount of joy. KALLISTO(Y)S has been derived from the Ancient Greek word “Καλλιστός”, which means “the most beautiful”. That is exactly the feeling that KALLISTOYS strives to convey.

What we can offer to all is a platform for buying and selling, entirely dedicated to toys; from antique to modern toys, from model cars to air planes, from clockwork to Radio Controlled (RC), from handmade wooden one of a kind toys to mass produced plastic kits. We are TOYS and we want to let you feel that by all means! Just have a look on our website.

KALLISTOYS is not just offering a once-in-a-year “no reserve” or “no commission” day. We have that offer for everybody all year round! If you want to use a “reserve price”, use it as you like. We encourage you to use it modestly, since it might prohibit the bidding.

If you need more help on selling your toys, we will help you. First of all we will offer you written, pictorial guides. We call them “How to sell?”, “How to make good pictures?” etc. If you need more help in selling, we will organize short online video help in the English language with a conference call. Please follow our announcements on the website for actual available dates. Your first participation is free of charge!

If you feel insecure, even after our offers how to sell easily, you can also contact our team. We arrange a telephone meeting with you how to start selling your toys. You may either opt for a call in English, German, Dutch, Russian, Italian or French.

In case you decide to sell your toys via KALLISTOYS, we can also arrange a local pick-up or a shipment via you to us. We will make a clear list of all items in your collection. We will make pictures in our professional studio and after we have finalized the inventory, we will provide you with all relevant documents and pictures. We will charge you a clear price, based on our service pricelist.

If you still have questions or if you would like to give us feedback, please contact us at info@kallistoys.com. You can contact us 24/7.

Last, but not least: reliability is our middle name and we will ask that from all our participants. Therefore, we have created the “10 Principles of Participation“. We care for a respectful platform with equal rights of buyers and sellers.

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