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Digital Museum

Enter into the wonderful world of toys by visiting the Digital Museum. Anything to add yourself. Please contact us at


A tour around the world by showing special layouts, sceneries, dioramas, dolls houses and other creations. Do you want to be inspired? Click here.


The WikiToy is the place to collect historical data related to toy manufacturers. A list of a 1,000 manufacturers worldwide has been set; from antique to modern.


Information about interesting (antique – vintage) Toys books.

Hall of fame

A place for the famous and their dedication to toys.


A resource to find Toy Museums around the world. Do you want to be listed, please contact us!


Show people around the world what your Toy Club has created! We will list your Club here. Open for any Club on e.g. modelling, slot cars, RC activities.

Meet & Greet

Do you want to meet other toy enthousiasts? This will be a “restricted” area where you can list your interest to allow other people to welcome you.

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    KallisToys – Not just trains!

    For a company which also deals with “trains”, “Not just trains!” may come across as a seemingly questionable slogan. KALLISTO(Y)S has been derived from the Ancient Greek word “Καλλιστός”, which means “the most beautiful”. That is exactly the feeling that KALLISTOYS strives to convey: the plentifulness of beauty which is there to show and that even the simplest of toys in the right light, can be alluring and bring happiness. We regard toys in the broadest sense.