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Kallistoys was established late 2012 by its founder Marco Buitelaar, who has a lifetime passion for vintage and antique toys.
Toys are of all times and everywhere, even in the darkest periods of mankind. Toys are synonymous for joyful moments. You can dream away in your own imaginary world, whether you are a child or you have a high performance job.
The idea behind Kallistoys is to share the esthetics of wonderfully crafted toys with its customers. Kallistoys will provide you with a gateway into the wonderful world of vintage and antique toys.
Reliability is one of Kallistoys key factors. Global trade over internet has become a major development, also in the field of vintage and antique toys. It is, however, of great importance that buyers can rely on the experience of the seller to acquire the desired quality. Kallistoys will show you full size pictures and will specify any defects. It is the aim of Kallistoys that its customers are excited by the items they have purchased.
The founder of Kallistoys is proud to offer you the best quality he can get. Marco Buitelaar has acquired a lot of experience over the last three decades; he has a sharp eye for quality and he has the right feeling for exclusive items. International trends on buying and selling are monitored. Kallistoys is specialised in 1940s – 1960s toys.
It was during a summer holiday in Switzerland many years ago when Marco Buitelaar got acquainted with some 1950s preassembled wooden FALLER buildings. It turned out that this moment has become crucial for his interest in wooden toys; those handmade objects almost seem to be still alive. The preservation of our forests is of vital importance for mankind. Kallistoys would like to contribute its share to sustainability by supporting projects with the aim of preservation our forests.

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