The vision that we have: to offer a worldwide platform for those who find joy in toys. KALLISTOYS offers a unique “all-in-one” concept, in which buying and selling are the core of the business. In addition, KALLISTOYS provides information, infotainment and inspiration. We do not represent a world where commerce is the main priority. Products are not just created without meaning, they tell a story. That story is what KALLISTOYS also wants to retell. We bring this story to life by means of written, pictured and spoken information. Toys have always played a vital role in reminiscing memories. It is and will remain tangible whether you hold it in your hands or see it in front of you. Furthermore, toys remain a source elation in good and in bad times. We strongly believe that sharing with each other doubles the amount of joy.


KALLISTOYS does everything within its power to fulfil this vision! We accomplish this through the use of social media; therefore we will share important changes on the website on our social media page. Stories about special collections or rare individual products offered for sale will be posted there. KALLISTOYS provides the infrastructure, so that you can contribute too. That is not only possible through buying and selling, but also through making magnificent pictures which will be displayed in the “KALLISTOYS Digital Museum” or by becoming a webmaster for one or multiple pages of “Wikitoy”. We care deeply about personal contact and will support you to make optimal use of the platform. The contribution you provide results in immediate visible progress.


Together with you we realise each and everyone’s vision. Whether you buy, sell or provide information, your contribution is crucial. With each product sale, pictures will be uploaded to the virtual gallery and will become over time more and more complete. Pictures of own creations can obtain a place in the “inspiration corner”.