Press release “Altes Spielzeug” March 2021



Press release “Altes Spielzeug” March 2021

“All under one roof”: auctions, information and inspiration, is what Kallistoys Platform for Toys you will offer as a user. We will purposely bridge the gap between the past and the present on all areas of toys. This wonderful passtime is still alive, whether as a collector or as a creator and will stay strong. We notice a “revival” as you can see on several TV shows. Several years ago we have announced in this magazine to bring something new and now we are ready.

The situation around CoViD 19 has shown us that everything can change almost entirely. Although we would like to see it a bit different, our gathering together is not that normal anymore. How much we miss our live meetings at swap meetings, the digital era has increased in importance.

We have created a social community at Facebook “KALLISTOYS Platform for Toys” to offer a personal ambiance. Everybody can join, if you like. We are working on another feature to create some personal contact possibilities. We will inform you in due time.

Auctions are of course an important part on our website We will create a place where it is easy and cost-friendly for all users, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Registered sellers will pay no commission or fees. The buyer’s fee will be only 6% (excl. VAT).We will support sellers with pictorial guides in several languages. And in case you will not succeed, you will receive a prompt response (if requested) of a competent and real person via

One of the goals of KALLISTOYS is to provide information on manufacturers and their products in a structured, written way supported with many pictures. We have created the categories “Digital Museum” and “WikiToy”. We have noted that there is a lot of local knowledge on many fora, websites, books and private people. We believe that it has an added value to codificate this knowledge at a central place, which is accessible for free by anyone. Of course, every start is difficult! Together, we can achieve a lot: sharing is multiplicating!

The Digital Museum already has over 1,000 unique products with approximately 5,000 pictures of more than 125 different manufacturers. We have created a list of at least 1,000 manufacturers as a basis for the WikiToy. The website will be updated on a daily basis. We aim to have covered at least 30,000 unique objects of a majority of manufacturers in a few years.

Life with toys is a life of “telling stories”. Stories that inspire. The category “Inspiration” will be the proper place. We have noticed that a lot of people create their “homeland” in miniature. Another goal is to create a place where you can make a world tour in model railroads. Of course now we are talking about “nostalgic toys”, there will be place for nostalgic creations.

It would be a pleasure if you join us on our journey in whatever role. If you like our ideas, we encourage you to contact us.

Marco Buitelaar




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