Interesting items in current auctions / webshop



Interesting items in current auctions / webshop

FLEISCHMANN has made H0 trains since 1952. In the beginning the cars / pullman coaches were made of metal (tinplate). The earliest models in the range from #1410 – 1413 (with or without standard interior lighting – in that case with a “J” in the numbering) were all German models. The first type of passenger cars had oversized couplers and brown bases (later black). Really soon after the range of German cars, a set of different USA cars has been launched. The first one issued, was the brown version of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). Immediately thereafter a series of cars in livery of the Union Pacific in beautiful yellow has been launched. The rarest series – in the mid 1950s offered with a double Penn Line diesel loco – was the two-tone green Northern Pacific version. Each series had a regular passenger / pullman car, a baggage car and a restaurant car. The rarest version was the sleeping car with #1423.

Currently we have some FLEISCHMANN trains to offer in auction with the Swiss passenger car (SBB) as a highlight.

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