Interesting items in current auctions / webshop



Interesting items in current auctions / webshop

January 31, 2021 between 16.00 – 18.00 hrs. (western european time) many auctions will end. Don’t miss out!

Most vintage accessories from the 1950s and earlier were manufactured from metal (mostly tinplate). During a rather short period from around 1950 – 1958 accessories, like buildings, were handmade from wood. In Germany several manufacturers used natural resources, because the use of plastics was at that time very expensive and needed to be imported from e.g. the USA. The most famous manufacturer and almost synonymous for wooden houses “Holzhäuser” was undoubtedly FALLER. One the key characteristics are the stucco walls. Other manufacturers, such as Dr. Rudolf Spitaler (RS), August Flor (Creglinger Modell Spielwaren / CM), VauPe, Wiad, Voigt, Hähnel, Preh, BeMo or Iris Modellwerkstätten, are a bit less known. There are even more, also outside Germany. Rivarossi had a “limited” range compared to the other manufacturers, but nevertheless impressive. In France Cropsy was the master of “wooden houses”. You can find many objects in the KALLISTOYS Digital Museum.

In the current auctions also several of those wooden houses will come up for auction. They are a perfect match for your nostalgic layout!





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