Highlights in current auctions / webshop



Highlights in current auctions / webshop

We would like to attract your attention to special products offered via KALLISTOYS.

Quality makes the difference between something mediocre and a highlight. Handcrafted objects with qualified skills are always valuable or maybe “priceless”. In former times all toys were handcrafted; each and every detail has been painted by hand. Each object was more or less a unique piece. MARKLIN and BING objects were so to speak even “objects of art”. In the late 1940s you can see that also with for example PREISER wooden miniatures. Each tiny figurine has been handcarved and handpainted according to certain formats, but each one is a bit different from the other. Have a look in the KALLISTOYS Digital Museum to see the diversity.

Also today people have those skills to manufacture in laborious work “objects of art” with a priceless value. KALLISTOYS would like to propose one of those highlights to you. You can find one of this examples in our webshop: a fully handcrafted timbered German house in scale 1/120 (suitable for TT layouts). It is a unique piece and if there is demand their will be produced more!



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