First results on auctions part 4!



First results on auctions part 4!

KALLISTOYS has just started with its new platform for toys. We have first results on our auctions / buy it now.

There are many MARKLIN (or MÄRKLIN for the native speakers) collectors. This company has manufactured exquisite and reliable products. KALLISTOYS would like to show you also manufacturers less known to the main public. We believe that the diversity makes it so interesting to be active in “Toy-land”. Just have a look of the products of all those manufacturers already covered in the KALLISTOYS Digital Museum. There is so much to discover!

One of those manufacturers which is not that wellknown is BIAGGI (Italy). Although its products are highly appreciated by its collectors, they are hardly seen in auction. An early 1950s set has been offered by KALLISTOYS and was sold for Euro 750. A lucky winner with a good price.


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