Museogiocando, Italy


Giovanni Catella is the initiator and owner of the Museogiocando. It all started with a “dream”  to have a special and permanent place for his collection, which would be accessible for the public to show those beautiful toys. This dream is close to realisation, but due to the CoViD-19 the formal opening had to be postponed. The location has been found in a place called Piticchio, between castles and vineyards (Verdecchio).

More than 800 sq. metres are available to show the wonderful world of toys in reality. The collection consists of more than 3,500 model cars, more than 400 tin toys and at least several thousands of toy trains in N, H0, 0 and 1 scale. Giovanni has structured all museum items in a chronological order with all appropriate documentation. What makes this toy museum outstanding is the highly detailed instructions on all items, including the history of the manufacturers.

All cars are displayed as static models. The trains are, however, “rolling”; from livesteam in 1 scale to a vintage or almost antique layout of the 1930s in 0 scale. The 1950s Marklin H0 / 00 layout has a self-painted backdrop with the hills of the surrounding area of “Le Marche” (Italy). There are, however, also contemporary layouts in N and in H0 scale.

All in all a highly interesting toy museum with unique features. We hope that the official opening will be in 2021!

Museum info

Museogiocando, Italy

60011 Arcevia, Ancona

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