Hara Model Railway Museum, Japan


Opened in 2012 the Hara Model Railway Museum houses around 1,500 models, mainly in gauge 1, from the collection of Nobutaro Hara, many of them made by Mr. Hara himself and by Marklin / Märklin, Aster, Fulgurex and Shangri-La. All exhibits have information panels in Japanese and in English. The Museum has a large, 10 x 30m, fully operational gauge 1 layout as well as an extensive H0 gauge layout. Among the exhibits is a rare example of the Marklin / Märklin Hochbahn.

Picture 1: Part of the extensive gauge 1 layout

Picture 2: The Marklin / Märklin Hochbahn

Picture 3: One of the many high-quality models, a Swiss gauge 1 electric locomotive with Büchli drive transmission

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Hara Model Railway Museum, Japan




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