Das Kleine Museum, Germany


In a picturesque small village near the Lake Constance (Bodensee), called Hagnau (Germany / Baden-Württemberg), there is a unique place filled with lovingly arranged doll houses. The village is located in the middle of several local vineyards. There are still some fishermen. Nearby is the ancient village of Meersburg with its ancient early Medieval Castle “Meersburg”, dating back to the 6th and 7th century.

Gerda-Marie Roessler has created a wonderful world with doll houses and its precious interiors from over two centuries. It feels like an enchanting journey through time from the past to the future with its dolls, the houses, the rooms (salons, bedrooms, kitchens) and department stores. More charming toys from 1850 -1920 are represented in this “Little Museum”.

“Geschichten, die das Sammeln schrieb” is the written personal reflection of Gerda-Marie Roessler, as far as collecting concerns.

Museum info

Das Kleine Museum, Germany

Neugartenstrasse 20

D-88709 Hagnau



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