Brighton Toy and Model Museum, United Kingdom


Set up and run by Chris Littledale, the museum contains over 10,000 toys and railway models. Centre piece of the collection, which comprises over 60 different display areas, is a large operational gauge 0 layout with trackside buildings by Bassett-Lowke, Hornby, JEP and Marklin / Märklin. Locomotives and rolling stock by Bassett-Lowke, Bing, Georges Carette, Hornby and Marklin / Märklin. Other toys include aircraft and slot machines, dolls, bears, dollhouse furniture, lead figures, diecast vehicles, toy kitchenry, beautifully engineered working scale models and an excellent reference collection of Meccano. The single-manufacturer displays of Spot-On Models, Corgi Toys and Hornby Trains / Hornby Dublo are possibly the most comprehensive on permanent public display anywhere in the world.

Picture 1: Part of the Hornby 0 gauge display

Picture 2: Showcase with Anker and other building blocks manufacturers

Picture 3: The gauge 0 layout with an example of Marklins / Märklins famous Leipzig station

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Brighton Toy and Model Museum, United Kingdom



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