Turkish style layout H0 gauge Railway

Good pictures can say more than a 1,000 words! Look at all the incredible details.

Prototype: Mr. Ümit Inci has created his layout as a reminiscence of the 1970s. It reflects an area in the southern part of Turkey.

Description: The layout has been made in H0 gauge. All buildings are handmade from resin by Abdurrahman Usta. The rolling stock (e.g. Roco) has been modified to match with the TCDD (Turkish State Railways) versions.

Dimensions: 2.86 x 0.40 metres


Model: Turkish style layout
Scale: 1/87
Gauge: H0
Construction: Premanufactured
Control: Digital (DCC)
Designer: Ümit Inci
Rarity level: 1
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