German style railway scenery

Vladimir Grachev was active since his childhood with toy trains in N-scale. He was struck in his heart when he first saw those tiny trains in a toy store in Moscow. After long beggings to his parents the finally bought him a start set in N-scale. At that time it was Piko, the only thing available.

In 1974 there was a first toy train exhibition in Moscow. To enter this exhibition you had to be patient and wait in a line for at least an hour. It was the first professionally built layout (in N-scale) to be exhibited.

About 10 years ago Vladimir has read a story on a German website about an old caboose (Pwg), which was found somewhere, loaded onto a trailer and restored.

The module measures only 240 x 240 mm.

The story behind this scenery is the following. All its life this wagon ran on railways. When its time was over, it was used as a platform for collecting milk from the nearest farms. New roads were built, trucks replaced trains and the wagon was eventually forgotten. Sometimes it was a safe haven for the homeless people; it gave them a place for sleeping and wood for fire. And finally nobody needed it anymore. Tourists passed by, looked at what was left, took pictures sometimes and went on. What happened after …..


Scale: 1/160
Gauge: Normal
Construction: Premanufactured
Designer: Vladimir Grachev
Rarity level: 1

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