Garden style layout 0 gauge “A tour around the world” on high level

High level garden layout!…. even literally, since this garden layout has been built on an altitude of 1,000 metres. The fascinating part is that the layout is more or less integrated in its natural habitat. A nice detail is for example a Swiss car with real “graffiti” on its sides.

Prototype: the layout itself has a so-called freelance style to have the possibility to run “correctly” all kind of rolling stock. “A tour around the world” on one layout.

Construction: it is superfluous to mention that such a layout has to be built in a way that it can resist all weather conditions, from rain to snow and high summer temperatures. The entire layout has been set on a concrete base. The bridge has been constructed from wood and metal.

Dimensions: 120 metres of track (currently)

Rolling stock: Vincent is using rolling stock from diferent manufacturers, such as MTH, Hermann, Lemz, MBW, Lima, Rivarossi, NMJ, DJH …. and in addition he is modifying existing models in his own atelier ACB.

Control: digital with a system by “Dead Rail”. All locos have servo’s on-board which are radio-controlled.


Location: Switzerland
Model: Garden style layout
Scale: 1/43,5
Gauge: O
Construction: Premanufactured
Control: Digital
Designer: Vincent Bory
Rarity level: 1
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