Croatian Slovenian style layout H0 gauge Railway

Prototype: the layout is constructed in Balcan style, but reflects more or less the area where Luca has grown up, which is in Opicina. This is a part of Italy close to the Austrian and Slovenian border. Opicina was also the last stop of the famous tram before entering Eastern Europe.

Description: the layout is constructed as a secondary line with 4 tracks and a small goods station, a steam loco depot with a turntable and a track for a special line towards the charcoal mine. One single track leads towards Dalmatia and the sea, only suitable for diesel power. The other track heads towards the border with Croatia, where there is a change of electric current; from 3000 Volt towards 25/50kVolt.

Dimensions: 3 x 3 metres, based on 6 modules.


Location: Croatia, Slovenia
Model: Slovenian, Croatian style layout
Scale: 1/87
Gauge: H0
Construction: Premanufactured
Control: Analog
Designer: Gianluca Battistin
Rarity level: 1
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