American lumberjack style layout 0n30 gauge narrow gauge Railway Salida & Rio Grande Western

You would believe the dimensions are much larger than they are in reality. Carlo Giacosa has created a realistically looking american logging railroad, which has been received several awards in clubs.

Prototype: This type of railroad, which is seen in many american states (Denver & Rio Grande Southern, Durango & Silverton, Cumbres & Toltec, Dublin & Greenbrier), is Carlo’s favorite. The steam traction – running on wood or charcoal – is typical for this type of layout.

Description: the layout has been designed as a single track with one branchline, which ends at a station. There passengers can take a “railbus”. The railroad is, however, mainly conceived as a freight track.

Construction: the layout has been constructed on 40mm forex. The upper part has been structured using polyurethane. All buildings and construction on the layout have been made by Carlo himself, using (balsa-/lime-)wood. The vegetation consists of bushes and trees (all self-made) typical for western USA.

Dimensions: 1,25 x 1,2 metres

Rolling stock: all rolling stock is from Bachmann Spectrum and equipped with DCC on-board. There is one 2-8-0 Baldwin steam loco with tender running on charcoal, two Climax with wood-burners, a 0-4-2 Porter on charcoal, a Railbus on gasolin and some motorized railtrucks. The fleet of freight cars consists of 3 box cars, 2 stock cars, a gondola and a flatcar. Furthermore there are some mine cars and a caboose for non-rail purposes.

Control: the layout can be controlled via a Lenz Digital Plus 99.


Location: USA
Model: American style layout
Scale: 1/48
Gauge: On30
Construction: Premanufactured
Control: Digital
Designer: Carlo Giacosa
Rarity level: 1
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