How to sell your items in 10 easy steps

Step 1.

Register on as a “seller”

Your request to become a seller is subject to a prior approval by KALLISTOYS.

After you have been granted the right to act as a “vendor manager”, you can start selling.

Start selling here

Step 2.

After you have selected “sell now”, you will see a pop-up screen with fields to be filled in.

Choose an appropriate “Title” in the headline!

If possible, describe your item in English; it is best for using Google Translate.

A good title describes at first sight what you want to sell, for example:

“DINKY TOY diecast car scale 1/43 number [….] model […] 1960s”

If you want help, search first in the KALLISTOYS Digital Museum. Otherwise [click here “help”]

Step 3.

Now go to the field “product data” and click on the drop-down menu and select “auction”.

A new menu will appear, where you can fill in all the necessary details. We will guide you through this menu.

  1. Selling type: you can choose one of them or both, whatever suits you best.
  2. Product condition: choose one of them, but regularly “used”.
  3. Auction type: choose one of them, but regularly “normal”
  4. ALWAYS click on “enable proxy bidding”! THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  5. Opening price: choose whatever you like best. The system works in EURO currency!
  6. Lowest price to accept (RESERVE PRICE): this is a kind of insurance. If you choose this option (in the near future this is a PAYABLE option), you are not obliged to sell if this price has not been reached.
  7. Bid increment: ALWAYS keep it on “1”. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  8. Buy it now price: it depends on what you have selected up front: auction and/or buy it now!
  9. VERY IMPORTANT are “Start date” and “End date”! You can choose any option which suits you best. You can select your proper time on the AGENDA (just click the day) and with the three time lines, you have the option to select hour, minute and second.
  10. Relist automatically: you can choose fort his option and i twill safe time. In the future this will be a PAYABLE option.


IMPORTANT! …. Have you already saved your draft?

Step 4.

Now select on the left menu the button “attributes”! A new pop-up screen will appear.

  1. You will see the field “custom product attributes”. This is a dropdown menu, where you can choose which attributes you would like to select. After you have selecte dan attribute, click on the right side on “add”. Only then your attribute has been selected.
  2. After you have selected your type of attributes (one or more), you can follow the menu step by step. We will explain on the basis of your “DINKY TOY 1/43 scale”.
  3. Select the attribute “brand”. Now you see a field which is called “value”. If you click on this field a pop-menu will appear wit hall manufacturers already known to KALLISTOYS. Go to “Dinky Toys” and select this manufacturer. In case you don’t find your manufacturer, you can choose for “add new”.
  4. Select the attribute “scale”. Now you see another blank field. If you click there, another pop-up menu will appear wit hall kind of “scales” or gauges, if you have a toy train to sell.
  5. After you have selected all attributes applicable, click on “SAVE ATTRIBUTES”.

Step 5.

On the left side of the menu there is also a button for “SHIPPING”.

Here you can fill in all data relevant for your shipping options. This is IMPORTANT for your customers to know in advance!.

Step 6.

We switch tot he right side of the menu and you will see a screen with “Product categories”.

Select whatever is suitable. In your case with the DINKY TOY, you have to select “Car”.

Step 7.

Further downside you will see a screen with “Product image”.

If you click on this field a new pop-up screen will appear, where you can select your main picture. Here you can choose a good picture from you own database.

Step 8.

Even further downside on the right you will find “Product gallery”.

Here you have the possibility to select more pictures for your Gallery. You can choose several pictures to make it easier for buyers to view your object tob e sold best. Please view our “INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO MAKE GOOD PICTURES” [coming soon].

Step 9.

We are almost ready to launch your product LIVE!

IMPORTANT! … you can always “save draft” in between.

You still have this huge white blank field below the TITLE. Here you can add any relevant information you would like. This is the information which buyers directly see upfront. It might be something that not has been covered yet or even a personal story.

Step 10.


… and now you can click on “PUBLISH” (on the right).

IMPORTANT Notice! You can reuse your selling format for your next sellings. Just click “Duplicate”.