Train Narkommestprom 1/45 scale 0 gauge steam loco clockwork Ukraine


Location: Ukraine
Brand: Narkommestprom
Model: Steam loco
Colour: Green, black
Scale: 1/45
Gauge: 0
Dimension: approx. 12.5cm loco + 8.5cm tender
Mechanism: Clockwork
Construction: Premanufactured
Material: Metal (tinplate)
Rarity level: 9
Production period: 1939
Remarks: Written on the train in "cyrillic" is the name of the manufacturer "Narkommestprom" and the country of origin "Ukraine". On the tender the name of two cities is legible: Chkalov (the former Orenburg) and Peremishl (in Poland). Around 1939 there were a lot of refugees between those places.

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