Train ADRIA 0 gauge tinplate steam loco + passenger cars (set) #


Location: Belgium
Brand: Adria
Model: Steam loco + passenger cars (set)
Colour: Black, red and grey (steam loco) / cream, blue (passenger cars)
Gauge: 0
Dimension: Ca. 20 cm (steam loco + tender), 10 cm (passenger car)
Mechanism: clockwork drive
Construction: Premanufactured
Material: Metal (tinplate)
Control: Analog
Reference number: Unknown
Rarity level: 8
Value: 250
Production period: Probably late 1940s / early 1950s
Remarks: There are steam locos known in three different colour schemes, always with black and red. The third colour can be either grey, green or skyblue. The passenger cars are either cream, skyblue or cream, green.

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