Accessory miniature Dr. RUDOLF SPITALER (RS) 0 Haensel & Gretel wood hardboard #8608HG — Holzfigur Diorama Hänsel & Gretel


Location: Creglingen, Germany
Brand: Dr. Rudolf Spitaler (RS)
Model: Hansel & Gretel in the forest
Scale: Ca. 1/45
Gauge: 0
Dimension: Ca. 15 x 10 cm
Mechanism: No
Construction: Premanufactured
Material: Wood / Holz
Reference number: 8608HG
Rarity level: 9
Value: 500
Production period: Ca. 1950 (to be verified)
Remarks: Tree(s) missing. There is no reference of this model in any catalogue or magazine.

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