Accessory house A. FLOR Creglinger Modell Spielwaren (CM) H0 railway station Sweden Arlöv wood hardboard #252 — Holzhaus Bahnhof schwedischer Stil


Location: Creglingen, Germany
Brand: Flor
Model: Railway station, Sweden (Arlöv) / Bahnhof schwedischer Stil
Scale: Ca. 1/90
Gauge: H0
Dimension: 32 x 14 x 10.5 cm
Mechanism: No
Construction: Premanufactured
Material: Wood, hardboard
Reference number: 252
Rarity level: 7
Value: 200
Production period: Ca. 1954 - 1958
Remarks: The Swedish version of this railway station was only manufactured around 1956 - 1958.

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